There is a Gamer in All of Us

Outside of the cooking, reading and making jewelry, I also enjoy online gaming.

When most people think of online gamers they think of young adults living in their parent’s basements that are anti-social. However the people that game are actually a wide variety of student, young professionals, IT people, military and first responds, upper management and yes…. Grandmas.
Also if you listen to the news, gaming is all violent. This is the farthest from the truth. Sims is a game with no real violence. You get to live out an imaginary life as a baker, teacher, police officer or really any number of things depending on which add on that you own. There is some sexual connotations.

There is also a new game available on Steam that allows you to try to make a civilization that would survive a meteor strike while as the same time trying not to destroy the eco system. What a great way to learn the cause and effect of our actions! This game is called Eco. Or course it is still in development.

For children Reader Rabbit makes a whole series of learning PC games that make math and reading fun. These are the games that my daughter grew up on and she turned out great.

Now there are games like Grand Theft Auto that I struggle to find any real value in. The whole game revolves around a myriad of illegal activities and includes quite a bit of violence. This is a game that really shouldn’t be played by young people that are still trying to learn standard values and right from wrong.

However games like Black Desert Online is more than just a hunting monsters game. You can sail a ship, farm, cook, have a house and a lot of other things. It is a harder game to get started playing for some as there is a lot going one.

If you just want to laugh and love puzzles, Human Fall Flat is hilarious. The controls are basic and how you move a little limp. But is a fun way to get online with a group of friends and try to get through the puzzles.

Just like anything else in life, there are a lot of good games that get overshadowed by a few bad eggs. Whatever your personality, there is a game out there for you.