Sad shoulder injury

Over Competitive and Wii

I am not sure if I am the norm or just really competitive.  I was playing Wii with my husband.  At this point he had beat me at bowling, tennis and ping pong.  So I really did not want to lose again.  My competitiveness kicked into overdrive.

The next game was the game where you fence on a platform trying to knock the other opponent off.  I started swinging like a mad woman.  The first round was yet again lost to him.  Determined not to be beat again I am swinging and swinging as I am slowly moving towards the TV.  Round 2 goes to me.

Since this is a best out of 3 it is still anybody game.  Little smack talk happens and it begins.  Halfway through I feel a pop on my right shoulder/upper arm.  Not even this stopped me.  Yes I won round 3.

This means he didn’t skunk me.  (Win all games).  I was so happy until this morning.  The shoulder has truly been injured.  I am taking advil and icing it.  Here’s to hoping for a short recovery.