A picture of a dandelion with the sun in the background.

Momma had a baby and her head popped off.

Remember saying that as a child just before you popped off the top of a dandelion with your fingers?

Well this is how I felt after surgery.  Extremely paranoid that I would be something wrong and have to go back in and have the part of the brain hanging down removed.  I like my brain and I want to keep all of it.  Especially since the doctor said they are really not sure what that part of the brain does.... some have no issues with its removal and others do.

Today I am dealing with that fear much better but there still are days where I am afraid.  Beyond rationalizing with amount of fear.  So I am starting a search.  A search to find peace and to find the confidence I have lost since the surgery.

For someone who is use to doing everything on their own, this needing help is not coming easy.