Daisies in a field

Why The Celtic Daisy?

The Celtic Daisy logo
The Celtic Daisy is proud to offer items handcrafted in Wisconsin.

If I say "Just for today..." a lot, why is the domain thecelticdaisy.com?

Well the answer is easy.  I absolutely love daisies. The plain white ones with the yellow center!  They are not always easy to find all year round when you live in a place with season but still so simple and friendly.

Yes I said friendly.  Daisies seem to be the happiest of flowers.

The Celtic part is easier to explain.  My great grandfather was born in Scotland and I married an Irishman.  So Celtic covers them both.

Not to mention the Celtic people are strong and fighters.  Sometimes in life we need to remember that things are worth the fight and sometimes you have to be strong enough to adapt to a changing reality.