Breathing Exercises, Meditation

4-7-8 Relax

Breathing can relax you.
Tina / February 19, 2018

I have discovered how powerful simply breathing can be in making you relax, stop worrying or even reduce pain levels. The best one I found is explained by Dr. Weil. It can be done anywhere and is so easy and it really works for me.  I even use it right before I fall asleep. “Exhale completely through your mouth, making…

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Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga

The Search Begins

Tina / January 16, 2018

As things change in life we learn to adapt.  During these times we also tend to search out reasons why, things to do to help fix it or to help us adjust.  Sometimes we even try things that may be out of our comfort zones. I have been doing yoga, meditating, breathing exercises and even researching Reiki during this time. …

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