Preoccupied by a Party

wedding cake

Sorry for the quietness lately.  I have been working hard to make sure my parents 50th Anniversary party goes off perfectly.

The hunt for the perfect texture cake that is not too dry for either the chocolate or vanilla layer has taken up more time than I liked.  It is amazing how many bakeries can perfectly do one but not the other.  Then add to the requirements that the buttercream frosting is not too sweet and this became a headache.

Now on to the piping.  Which bakery of the taste finalists can actually pipe the cake?  The picture I have of the cake is a bit fuzzy.  But if you look close you can see the piping arching down from each layer pretty close together, equal arches coming up from the bottom of every layer, pale pink roses with pale green leave as well as the thick fluffy piping around the base of the cake.

Finally a bakery was found that said they can do it.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed as my family arrives this Friday for a week.

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