Frustrated and Disappointed

The final cake

Earlier this week I posted on how the hunt for a reproduction of my parent’s wedding cake was going.  Today we picked it up.

Since we could not find the original cake topper, I told the bakery just to put a flower design on the top.

I admitted in the earlier post that the image was fuzzy and said “But if you look close you can see the piping arching down from each layer pretty close together, equal arches coming up from the bottom of every layer, pale pink roses with pale green leave as well as the thick fluffy piping around the base of the cake.”

I am disappointed at the cake we got.  The piping is basic and no where near the look of the original wedding cake.  Even with the picture being fuzzy, this is abundantly clear.  I understand a 2 tier reproduction cake may not be a big deal to Sweet Perfection bakery but is was a big deal to us.  They said that was the best they could do with the picture.

The take out from this is have the bakery DRAW what they think they see.  This was not even CLOSE!  Someone get the decorator glasses.

wedding cake
Original Wedding Cake
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