About Me

Tina vs a Fire Hydrant

Who Am I?

I am a mom, wife, lover of books, tea, gamer and artist.  I love puzzles and to continue to learn not only my beliefs but that of others.  I cherish time with friends and family.

I have a great sense of humor and can joke about things like being short.

I am passionate about doing random acts of kindness.  Whether it is simple as opening a door, offering a helping hand, buying a cup of coffee or meal for a stranger, it all matters.  Give a stranger a smile today.

Our Products

The Celtic Daisy LLC is happy to provide hand crafted chainmaille and wire bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and other accessories.

The style of jewelry that most of my pieces are considered is chainmaille.  This style is also known as chainmail or maille.  This technique intricately weaves small rings into different patterns.  In some patterns it is like origami with rings instead of paper.  Chainmaille jewelry is with stunning in the intricate pattern itself or enhanced with the use of beads or crystals.

Historically chainmaille weaves were used to create maille armor to protect warriorsin battle.  However today these weaves are used to make anything from delicate jewelry to sculptures.


Our Story

A Weeble Wobble? For those of you that were children in the 70’s, you may remember the iconic egg shaped toys that would not lay down. They always bounced back up no matter what you did to them. Trust me I tried. *Laughing* I even dropped them through a knot hole in the old floor of a farm house that we lived in and ran to the basement so sure that this time they would stay down. They never did.

Growing up I was a creative child with a wild imagination. Drawings and stories were my favorite past time when I wasn’t trying to make that Weeble Wobble fall down.

As I became an adult I quickly discovered that those skills would not pay the bills so out came the analytical side of me. That was until the web made it possible to combine all those skills. I worked hard, volunteered hard and raised an awesome daughter that of whom I couldn’t be more proud.

Life has a way of telling us we need to slow down and if we don’t listen our bodies will make us. Almost 2 years now I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Determined that this disease was not going to knock me down, I took on the Weeble Wobble mentality. Each time a new side effect tried to knock me over I found a way to bounce back up.

A side effect of one of the treatments left my hand shaking. Determined that this was not going to be my life, I started the hobby of making chainmaille jewelry. There was A LOT of flying little rings to begin with then slowly the sporadic shaking of the hands slowly faded and I got my control back.

Now that I have inundated my family and friends with my jewelry and sold a few pieces locally, I decided to open an Etsy Shop upon the urging of the world’s most supportive husband.

The name of the shop was originally going to be Tiwikest, an amalgamation of my family’s first names, but no one could figure out how to say it. *Laughing* So then I look at my favorite flower and my Scottish heritage. Not wanting to forget the Irish side, I decided to use Celtic. That is how “The Celtic Daisy” got its name.